Our Response to Adonai’s Love – Peace

“We are among those in Isra’el who are peaceful and faithful. Why are you destroying a city and a mother in Isra’el? Why swallow up the inheritance of Adonai?”

2 Samuel 20:19

I am in awe of those around me who are able to remain at peace, when others are flying every which way, in panic and/or anger. This means that I am not always peaceable. And yet, Adonai asks us to be in peace, as much as possible, as we are told, in Isaiah 55:12 – “Yes, you will go out with joy, you will be led forth in peace. As you come, the mountains and hills will burst out into song, and all the trees in the countryside will clap their hands.”

When we are in a state of peace, our emotions are calm, our minds are at peace and we are in harmony with our environment. This is what Adonai wants for and from us. In this way, we are honouring His love that floods us constantly.

Abba B’Shamayim, Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for the peace that comes to us, through Your love. Thank you, so much for this way we may respond to Your generous love for us.  B’Shem Adonai Yeshua, Mashichainu, our Messiah, Amen.

By heartformessiah

Dr. Michael Wodlinger is a Messianic Jew, living in Quebec, Canada. He has been a university professor and a rabbi of a Messianic Fellowship.

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