Dear friends. I must ask for your forgiveness. I have really made a mess of the counting of the Omer. I truly do not understand how I managed to lose five days, but I did. Perhaps this is a function of my age or another mistake I made along the way. I will backtrack to discover the error. In any event, please forgive me for messing this up.
Today is Shavu’ot, the Feast of weeks, and Sunday is Pentecost. Shavu’ot is the day when Israel stood at the base of Mt. Sinai, 50 days after leaving Egypt. Here they were given the Torah, God’s life instructions. In Israel, this is also a harvest day. Were the Temple present, there would be sacrifices and the waving of leavened bread before Adonai. Hag Sameach Shavu’ot, have a Happy Shavu’ot Festival.



By heartformessiah

Dr. Michael Wodlinger is a Messianic Jew, living in Quebec, Canada. He has been a university professor and a rabbi of a Messianic Fellowship.

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