A Journey Through Torah

An Introduction to God’s Life Instructions for His Children

Volume One: Genesis

This first volume of the 5-volume set of Journey Through Torah has been three years in its preparation.  The inspiration for its crafting remains still with Adonai Elohim Tzivaot, the Lord God of Hosts, for whom we have the utmost gratitude and Love. There have been many of our friends and colleagues involved in the reading and editing of this volume; although there are too many to include here, Glenn and I extend our heart-felt thanks. Hopefully, the remaining volumes will not take as long to bring into fruition.

Baruch Hashem Adonai Yeshua, Moshichainu.

Blessed is the Name of the Lord Jesus, our Savior.

A Journey Through Torah: Genesis – Introduction

Chapter One: Parashah 1: Genesis 1:1 to 6:8

Creation; The Fall; Cain and Able; Introduction to the Flood

Chapter Two: Parashah 2: Noach (Noah)

Genesis 6:9–11:32

The Flood – Redemption; the Tower of Babel

Chapter Three: Parashah 3: Lekh L’kha

(Get yourself out) Genesis 12:1–17:27

The Story of Avram; Avram in Canaan; The Abrahamic Covenant; The Rescue of Lot; The Birth of Ishmael

Chapter Four: Parashah 4: Vayera

(He appeared) Genesis 18:1–22:24

The Birth of Isaac; the Binding of Isaac

Chapter Five: Parashah 5: Hayyei-Sarah

(Sarah’s life) Genesis 23:1–25:18

Chapter Six: Parashah 6: Tol’dot (History)

Genesis 25:19–28:9

Chapter Seven: Parashah 7: Vayetze (He went out) Genesis 28:10 to 32:3

Chapter Eight: Parashah 8:

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