Audio Messages

The following Teachings were recorded from the Bema of Kehilah Haverim Mashiach, the Messianic Fellowship of Messiah.  We pray these will inform, uplift, encourage and guide your Faith Journey. These teachings are focused on issues raised in Torah, the Prophets, the Writings and the Gospels/Epistles.  Please share your perceptions with us.  You will find a feedback link, below.

The Sacrifice of Our Passover Lamb:  The Sacrifice of Our Passover Lamb

How do We Face Persecution:    How Do We Face Persecution?

Submitting to Authority:  Submitting to Authority

The Sin of Peter:  The Sin of Peter

The Meaning of the Resurrection Today:The Meaning of the Resurrection Today

The Sacrifice of Our Pesach:  The Sacrifice of our Pesach

The Sin of Martha:  The Sin of Martha

What Purpose the Sacrifices Pt. I:  What Purposes the Sacrifices Pt. I

What Purpose the Sacrifices II:  What Purposes the Sacrifices Pt. II

The Coincidences of Purim:  The Coincidences of Purim


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