Devotion 128


For you fashioned my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I thank you because I am awesomely made, wonderfully; your works are wonders — I know this very well. My bones were not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes could see me as an embryo, but in your book all my days were already written; my days had been shaped before any of them existed. (Psalm 139:13-16)

Hi! As we venture further into our changing times, I do hope you are well and are keeping safe. In keeping with our theme, this session, remember your infinite worth.

I wonder how you might respond, when someone asks you, “Who are you?” Do you share with them what you do, the place you occupy in your family configuration? Or do you step out-of-the-box and share with them, “I am a child of GOD?” I ask you to read David’s Psalm 139 once more, to develop the sense of the infinite worth he saw of himself in YAHVEH.

On the same note, do you have an idea of your infinite worth to our Creator, Our LORD and Master? If you do, then you are among the very few who do. Why would that be?

All too often, the world, time after time, assaults us with obstacles and hindrances to slow us down or block our way. Time after time we produce our own blockades. These wear on us and often bring us to the point of exhaustion.

Those of us who read the Bible and are drawing closer to an understanding of its writings, know it is filled with timely messages of hope for us, when we reach these points in our lives. As an example, let’s look at Psalm 37:7 – Be still before Adonai; wait patiently till he comes. Don’t be upset by those whose way succeeds because of their wicked plans. Then we find in Isaiah 40:31 – (T)hose who hope in Adonai will renew their strength, they will soar aloft as with eagles’ wings; when they are running, they won’t grow weary, when they are walking, they won’t get tired. These two passages give us hope of YAHVEH’s aid, when we need Him to be with us, to comfort us and to strengthen us, when we face adversity and turmoil. Often, we are our own worst enemies, when it comes to dealing with life’s obstacles, particularly those which deeply impact us.

Time to time, I have spent time with those who have lost family members. There are those who blame GOD, sometimes cursing Him for bringing this calamity into their lives. These need Him most at this time. He is the only one who can bring peace and comfort back to their lives, allowing them to grieve with assurance of His love.

Then, I deal with those who understand that death is but a transition for us into a place of eternal beauty and peace. A place completely inhabited by YAHVEH’s grace and love. Yes, they are filled with sorrow at the loss of a loved one, as all of us would be and are. But they also realize that for her or him, there is no more pain, no more anguish. Our mourning is not for them but for us, who are left behind.

Scripture provides some comfort for us, in these moments. In Psalm 116:15 we read, The death of His faithful ones is valuable in the Lord’s sight. Yes, our GOD knows when one of His children dies; we are all valuable in His eyes. In John 3:16, we are given the ultimate sign of His love for each and every one of us – For GOD loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. It is within this great love that we may find peace and comfort. Why would YAHVEH give us such love?

That’s an important question and its answer brings us much closer to understanding our infinite worth. Why does GOD love me? I wish I knew, believe me. I am not worthy of His love. I have sinned throughout my life and led a life that could only be described as despicable before I came to Him. Yes, I learned the crucial verses which tell me He is love and that His whole essence is love. In 1 John 4:8 we are told, The one who does not love does not know GOD, because GOD is love. And from the voice of our Messiah, ADONAI YESHUA, the LORD JESUS, we hear – Just as my Father has loved me, I too have loved you; so stay in my love. Do you find these messages comforting? Do they stir within you a desire to know Him more?

I sincerely pray you do know you have infinite worth in the heart, mind and eyes of YAHVEH, our Beloved GOD, and in the heart, mind and eyes of ADONAI YESHUA, His Son.

CONSIDER: Are you facing difficulties now? Are you torn as to how others see you? Have you taken your heart to YAHVEH and shared your pain with Him?

ACT: I pray you approach Him now. Come before His Throne and give yourself to Him fully. Allow Him to take your pain from you and fill you with peace and comfort. Allow Him to share with you, the infinite worth He sees in you.

PRAY: ABBA B’Shamayim, FATHER in Heaven, You have everything within Your control. You cause the sun & moon to move across our sky. You control the movements of the stars in the sky and the flight of a single butterfly. ABBA, come to me, I pray, in my hour of need. Fill me with your peace and comfort, as I struggle with this life crisis. B’Shem ADONAI YESHUA Mashichainu. In the Name of our Messiah the LORD JESUS, Amen.

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