Devotion 3

GOD is Our Home

The God of old is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms – Deuteronomy 33:27

When Yahweh called Chantal and me to move to Quebec, we had some challenges.  Finding a new place to live was not a problem; He had a place already picked-out for us.  The challenge was God’s call required us to leave a home filled with things and souvenirs. A home shared with friends who came for fellowship. Free hands (labour) to provide or to enhance our home as a meeting place for His children and for seekers.  Leaving was not easy; in all circumstances, since we are in Him, He blessed us with and through wonderful spiritual families (families of faith).

When God calls us, our priorities align with His. We put Him before everyone and everything.  God asked us to leave the past and walk forward in faith without really understanding what we were getting into.  In this regards, Elizabeth Elliot shares with us a profound understanding.  I have adapted her wisdom to fit our situation – The secret is Messiah in us, not us in a different set of circumstances – Everywhere we are, He surrounds us. He is our Home. At Home, we feel safe – fullness and sweetness wrap us and our hearts find rest in our magnificent God. Thank you Abba for being our Tower of Strength and Dwelling Place.

Now, in Quebec, we are slowly coming to realize why He challenged us.  He wanted us to rely on Him totally and to allow Him to make our new ‘house’ a home.  That wouldn’t have happened, if we had crammed it full of Winnipeg.  This is why Deuteronomy 33:27 is such a poignant verse for us.  “He has created a home for us here.”  But what does this mean?

A home is a place where we feel safe; here is where we can be ourselves
without having to be on guard; the world and all its cares and challenges are shut out – we are held fast in His enveloping arms.  At home, we are at rest.  Having completed our day’s work, we are able to rest, relax, catch-up on each other’s business and, most of all, thank and praise Him for keeping us safe.  Here we more firmly realize He is our Refuge and our Security – He is our Home.

At home, we allow our hearts to be unleashed.  Being open with Him and with each other, we face no condemnation; we will not be misunderstood; our words will not be misconstrued.  He is our Refuge; He is our Security; He is our Home.

At home we are free to love with all our hearts and all our strength.  Freely, openly, we love each other and we love our Beloved Abba.  He accepts us, warts and all, and we accept each other, warts and all.  We are Home; we are in Him; He is our Refuge – He is our Security – He is our Home.

Consider: Are we content with our circumstances?  Are we seeking Him within our circumstances?  Do we have desires and wants which conflict with His desires of us, as we find in Torah?

Action:  Seek the guidance of our Holy God in resting in Him and finding our Home within Him.  Ask Adonai Yeshua, the Lord Jesus, to lead us towards His desires rather than the desires of the flesh.

Prayer:  Abba B’shamayim. Father in Heaven, my need for Your guidance and leadership is great; I cannot do this on my own.  Sustain me, equip me, support me I pray in Your Blessed Name. Amen

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