Devotion 29

Where are we Standing?

As any student of literature will acknowledge, human analogies often fail, as they do not encapsulate every possible contingency.  To my understanding there is only one whose analogies have stood the test of time – Adonai Yeshua, the Lord Jesus.  Well, having made this statement, I now venture into the realm of analogy, with my question – Where are we Standing?

To what may the Kingdom of God be compared?  May it be compared to an enormous cruise ship?  Imagine such a ship having many, many levels, with nooks and crannies within each level.  Now, imagine believers inhabiting the cruise ship, as we navigate our way through life.

Some believers, have placed themselves into a stateroom, with only a porthole providing light.  Looking through the porthole provides the only window into the Yahweh’s world and, simultaneously, the world around us.

Other believers only position themselves on the bow of the ship, continuously looking forward, without any idea of what is behind them or of their home port of departure.  Still others stand at the stern, looking back from whence they came but unable or unwilling to look forward.

Then there are believers who position themselves in the entertainment section of the ship, focused only on the good feelings they have through the activities they engage.  Others find themselves in the engine room, constantly working to ensure everything is running smoothly but not allowing themselves the refreshment of the upper decks or the entertainment sections, considering them to be frivolous wastes of time.

A number of believers are stationed in the bridge and, from here, they can observe both where they are going and where they have been.  They stand close to the Captain and listen for His voice, His Word, as He guides them in the workings of the ship, its heading and their roles.

Beloved, does the analogy work with you, at some level?  Do you envision its application to your spiritual life in His Kingdom today?  I urge you to read Revelation 1 through 3, as Adonai Yeshua speaks directly to the seven groups of believers, who consider themselves within the Kingdom of God.

Thank you, Abba, for Your Word, for Your perfect directions for our lives, as our only Captain.  We pray for wisdom, discernment and guidance.  Help us navigate Your compass heading with joy, contentment and certainty.  In Your beloved Name we pray.

May Yahweh bless you richly.

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