Devotion 34

United with God’s Word

Although I wasn’t raised in a religious home, somehow I felt drawn towards the spiritual.  This was especially the case following my Bar Mitzvah.  During the year-long preparation phase, I was introduced to Torah, the five Books of Moses, the Prophets and the Writings, collectively called the TANAKH.

I felt the pull quite strongly, when I was in my 15th year.  I was encouraged by the rabbis at Holy Blossom Temple, the Reform Synagogue my family attended for High Holidays.  At some point, they invited me to speak to the youth of the congregation and deliver the occasional sermonette following Friday night services.

Even then, I didn’t truly understand how important God’s Word was to me.  It wasn’t until many years later, recommitting myself to our Saviour and Messiah, that I was drawn into a deeper study of not only Torah but the Brit Hadashah, the New Testament, as well.  It was this revitalization of my Judaism which allowed me to more clearly understand the value of His Word as a Guide to my daily life.

When I assumed His role as a Messianic Pastor to a small flock in Winnipeg, three verses from the TANAKH became beacons for me: Proverbs 14:29, Proverbs 17:17 and Psalm 119:105.  Of these, Psalm 119:105 was most precious: Your word is a lamp for my foot
and light on my path.  I came to realize the importance of using God’s word as a guide for interaction with others and as a guide to my path as a spiritual leader.

In this season of Repentance and Conviction, there comes an imperative to focus on an ethical standard higher than man’s and of greater value.  What I have learned, often the hard way, is there is no higher ethical standard than what may be found in the Torah.  Reading His Guide to an ethical life provides for us very precise guidelines for treating others fairly and with love; being compassionate neighbours and friends through interactions with others, whether in business or recreation.  United with God’s Word will help us maintain our daily walk along His path, His life instructions.

Yes, truly, God’s Word (Torah) is a lamp for my foot and light on my path.

Consider: Whose ethical standards are you following?  Have you examined them carefully to determine if they are truly guiding your feet, as you walk alone life’s path?

Action:  I encourage you to spend some time going through Torah, the Five Books of Moses, and the Proverbs, pulling-out the nuggets of ethical wisdom which lie throughout His Word.  This will be an exercise of immense value, if you make the time.

Pray:  Abba B’shamayim, Father in Heaven, I want to live my life as ethically as I am able.  I need Your help in ensuring which ethical guidelines will assist me in making appropriate life choices.  Point the way for me, please, so I may indeed walk on Your path and not the path of the adversary.  In Your precious Name I pray.

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