Devotion 35

Facing Intimidation

 For God gave us a Spirit who produces not timidity, but power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)


Every True Believer, around the world, faces intimidation, when he/she attempts to share the Good News of the Gospel with family, friends and strangers.  From an intellectual perspective, certainly not a practical one, intimidation is intriguing.  Often intimidators are insecure, uncomfortable or threatened by the Word being shared with them.  Lashing out, withdrawing or ignoring, all displays of intimidation, are manifestations of their emotions.  I know there is little consolation in this understanding but it may be helpful in later unpacking of these experiences.


In 2 Timothy 1, the Apostle Paul is encouraging his protégé, Timothy, as the young man begins his ministry.  The message is clear – The Holy Spirit of the Living God gives us power to share the good news with others; love to accept the rejection and attempts to intimidate without reacting in anger or fear and self-discipline to strive forward despite the attempts to shut-us-down.  However, this is not the only piece of advice he provides Timothy. Read verse 8: So don’t be ashamed of bearing testimony to our Lord or to me, his prisoner. On the contrary, accept your share in suffering disgrace for the sake of the Good News. God will give you the strength for it.  If we step forward in confidence, assuming Yahweh, our Magnificent God, provides us with the strength to withstand the intimidating tactics of those who reject God and His Word or those who are confused and have not yet been convicted by the Holy Spirit, He will support us; He will give us power and He will give us the resolve to step forward, again and again.


Consider:  Do you have a desire to share the Good News of Adonai Yeshua, the Lord Jesus, with others but are afraid of being rejected?  Have you attempted to share the Word and have been intimidated?  Has your reaction been to cease sharing the Gospel?


Action:  It is important to remember you are not alone.  Seek God’s strength to fill you, when you next step forward to share His message of Love and Salvation.  Chosen People Ministries has many missionaries, across North America and Europe, who may function as mentors.  Why not approach your local office and seek out help?


Pray:  Beloved Abba, Father, I come to You with my heart open and my fears exposed.  I want to step out for You and share Your Word with others but I am afraid of being rejected.  Please help me be strong, as I step out for You; give me the power to carry the Good News to others.  Be with me as I make myself vulnerable for You.  In Your Beloved Name, I pray.

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