Devotion 54

No Vacancy

One summer, a few years ago, Chantal and I were traveling in the Maritime Region of Canada, looking for a motel or B&B to spend the night. Place after place displayed the sign, ‘No Vacancy’. Eventually we did find a room, so that portion of our journey ended happily.

The concept of ‘no vacancy’ may also be used spiritually, as well as a hospitably. While engaged in a program of theological studies, during my seminary days, I came across a little known, unpublished poem, called “The House.”

“God came knocking on my door the other day;

“I’d like to rent some space in your house,” He said.

“I can let you have one or two rooms,” I said, “The rent is cheap.”

“I know,” said God. “I like what I see.”

“Well,” I said, “Perhaps I could spare some more space.”

“I’ll take it,” said God, “I like what I see.”

“I’d like to give you more but I need some for myself,” I said.

“I know,” said God. “I want my Son to occupy the whole house,” said God.

“I don’t know if I could do that,” I said.

“I understand that,” said God, “but, you know if My Son occupied the whole house, you’d have more space than you ever imagined.”

“I don’t understand,” I replied.

“I know,” said God. “I can wait; I like what I see.”

How many of us have hung the ‘No Vacancy” sign on our hearts? We have all received the invitation from Adonai Yeshua, the Lord Jesus, as recorded in Revelation 3:20 – Here, I’m standing at the door, knocking. If someone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he will eat with me. Contrary to many believers, God will not come into our hearts, our spiritual homes, uninvited. For Him, there is no door knob on the outside of the door; the knob only exists on the inside.

This I know from personal experience. For 61 years I believed I had the power to decide my own fate. Then, on October 15, 2004, I finally heard His knocking and answered; I invited Him into my heart and my life has never been the same since. Anxiety, emotional pain from childhood experiences, addictions – gone! Then, a few months later came the confirmation of His Free Gift, when He revealed to me: “The judgment I have given will no longer take place; for the willing heart will search no more but will follow My lead and be sanctified and purified into My Life. Long service without reservation – for My Glory awaits His Arrival.”

Beloved, although Grace and Salvation are free Gifts from our Almighty God, we must signal Him we are ready to receive them.  Why? That answer lies in the concept of ‘free will’. We, you and I, have the freedom to choose our paths – we can follow own ways, believing we know what’s best for us, or we can follow His Way, the Narrow Way, believing God’s plans for us are eminently better than are our own. Unfortunately, He knows the vast majority of us will believe our plans for the future are better and we will reject His, as Adonai Yeshua shared with us, in Matthew 7:13,14 – “Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

CONSIDER: Are you deaf to the sound of His knocking on the door of your heart? Have you decided your freedom to choose your destiny is far more valuable than His plans for your life?

ACTION: I assume, if you have answered ‘Yes’ to either of these questions, you actually believe you are more powerful than is God. Do you not see how enticing that illusion is? I urge you to step forward and test-drive His promise for your life. I guarantee, if you take that step your life will never be the same. What have you to lose?

PRAY: Dear God, I am a sinful man/woman. I have walked the world’s broad road, thinking I know better than you. Forgive me, please, for my arrogance and my pride; accept my invitation to take all the room you want in my heart – occupy my house. In Your Beloved Name I Pray.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you richly.

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